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Build with Pieces

Pieces provides SDK libraries for major programming languages, so you don't have to write code for interacting with our API protocols from scratch.

We're always working on improving and extending the current stack of available SDKs and SDK documentation, listed below is a list of official SDKs the Pieces team is maintaining.

Explore Our SDKs

TypeScript LogoTypeScript SDK

TypeScript SDK for Pieces OS

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Python LogoPython SDK

Python SDK for Pieces OS

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Dart LogoDart SDK

Dart SDK for Pieces OS

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Kotlin LogoKotlin SDK

Kotlin SDK for Pieces OS

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Don't see your favorite language? Let us know, and we'll consider adding it to our list of supported SDKs.


🤖 Copilot Chats

Communicate seamlessly with our copilot functionality.

📁 Asset Management

Save and manage assets and formats efficiently.

🖥 Local Server Interaction

Interact with a locally hosted server for various functionalities.

🧠 Cloud & Local LLM Support

Tap into your favorite cloud or local LLM with ease.

Example Projects

Get a jump start and inspiration from our example projects that demonstrate how to use the Pieces SDKs in a real-world scenario:


If you have created your own SDK or any other technology specific integration and would like us to list it here under community maintained SDKs/integrations please contact us.

If you would like to help us expand Pieces' list of SDKs, you can start a new discussion on our Open Source Discussions and you can also join our Discord.