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This is a model that allows us to send send over super specific format related events such as copied, deleted, downloaded, etc


format_createdstrThe key value pair for an asset being created.[optional]
format_copiedstrIf a format was copied entirely[optional]
format_partially_copiedstrIf a format was copied partially[optional]
format_downloadedstrIf a format was downloaded[optional]
format_deletedstrIf an format was deleted[optional]
format_generic_classification_updatedstrIf a generic classification was changed on a format[optional]
format_specific_classification_updatedstrIf a specific classification was changed on a format[optional]
format_updatedstra format was updated, generic update.[optional]
format_insertedstra format was inserted[optional]
format_value_editedstra format's value was update ie, the text, etc...[optional]