What am I installing?

Pieces for Developers and Pieces OS application windows.

Pieces Desktop App#

When you download Pieces for Developers, you'll get two applications: Pieces for Developers | OS Server and the Pieces for Developers | Flagship Desktop App. Click on each below to find out more about what you are installing:

Pieces for Developers | Pieces OS

Pieces OS is our background service that runs offline and on-device. It's required to enable:

  • Individual products in the Pieces for Developers Suite to communicate
  • Local, Private, and Secure Machine Learning Models
  • Real-Time Search and Suggestions
Pieces for Developers | Desktop Application

Pieces Desktop is our flagship desktop application. It's a visual GUI that gives you the best experience with your snippets allowing you to:

  • Navigate snippets visually through the carousel
  • Transform snippets from one language to another
  • Sort Snippets by suggestions
  • Describe a snippet to get a solution to an answer
  • Manage your custom cloud domain
  • and so much more!

Bring Order to the Chaos#

Ditch the hundreds of .txt files and siloed tooled and organize your snippets in one place. Add helpful context to save time and avoid headaches in the future, or let Pieces do it for you.

Offline Deep Search

Pieces for Developers ships with a first-in-kind search engine designed specifically to project Natural Language Queries onto a Technical Language Vector Space, completely offline and on-device.

Maximize your time#

Automatically discover commonly used snippets in your workflow or extract code from a screenshot. Pieces Desktop is loaded with next-gen features that make your life as a developer a little easier.

No-brainer security

Use Pieces connected to the cloud or not - it’s up to you! All Pieces data is stored locally on your device and you can use almost all features without even being connected to the Internet!

Don't Forget The Essentials#

Everything in the Pieces Desktop App was designed for ultimate productivity. From keyboard shortcuts to responsive layouts, it’s these little things that help it fit right into your flow.