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Getting Started

Pieces for Developers and Pieces OS application windows.

Pieces Desktop App & Pieces OS

Pieces is an AI-enabled productivity tool designed to increase developer efficiency through personalized workflow assistance across the entire toolchain.

Our centralized storage agent (Pieces OS) works on-device, unifying various developer tools (including the desktop app) to proactively capture and enrich useful materials, streamline collaboration, and solve complex problems through a contextual understanding of your unique workflow.

Download the Pieces for Developers Desktop App and Pieces OS here:


When you download Pieces for Developers, you'll get two applications: Pieces OS and the Pieces for Developers Desktop App. Click on each below to find out more about what you are installing.

Pieces for Developers | Pieces OS

Pieces OS is our background service that runs offline and on-device. It's required to enable:

  • Individual products in the Pieces for Developers Suite to communicate
  • Local, Private, and Secure Machine Learning Models
  • Real-Time Search and Suggestions
Pieces for Developers | Desktop App

Pieces Desktop is our flagship desktop application. It's a visual GUI that gives you the best experience with your snippets by allowing you to:

  • Navigate snippets visually through the Gallery or List Views
  • Transform snippets from one language to another
  • Sort Snippets by AI-suggested usefulness
  • Describe a snippet to get a solution to an answer
  • Manage your custom cloud domain
  • and so much more!

What is Pieces OS?

Pieces OS operates as a background service that functions both offline and on-device to facilitate communication among individual products within the Pieces for Developers Suite. Its core functions include the management of local, private, and secure machine learning models used for the Pieces Copilot, as well as real-time search and suggestions.

Pieces OS enables Pieces products and local LLMs to operate 100% locally on your machine, with an option to connect to the cloud for backup, sharing, and cloud-based LLMs for code generation.

Getting Started with Pieces OS

Whether you are on macOS, Windows, or Linux, find tailored instructions to get Pieces OS up and running on your machine.

Compatible with macOS 11.0 (Big Sur) and higher

Get Pieces for macOS

Leverage the power of Pieces in your favorite tools

Once you have Pieces OS installed, incorporate the key capabilities of Pieces into your browser, IDE, and collaboration tools by downloading one or more of our integrations: