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Welcome to Pieces for Developers

A contextual AI copilot that learns from your entire developer workflow, leveling up your productivity and collaboration.

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πŸ€– Contextual AI Copilot

The Pieces Copilot runs at the operating system-level, using the power of retrieval augmented generation to learn from your entire workflow and make contextualized suggestions.

🧠 Automatic Enrichment

Our intelligent storage agent automatically attaches useful context and metadata to the code snippets and screenshots you save, enabling better organization, searchability, and reusability.

🌐 LLM Utilization

Pieces is one of the first to offer fully functional LLM integrations across macOS, Linux, and Windows, giving users the option to leverage their choice of cloud, local, or custom LLMs.

πŸ“Š Workflow Activity Tracking

Pick up where you left off and identify helpful insights about your workflow with a continuous log of activity across your development environment.

πŸ”— Embedded Across your Workflow

Pieces is a tool-between-tools connecting the three main pillars of a developers’ workflow: Researching and problem solving in the browser, coding in the IDE, and collaborating with teammates.

πŸ”’ Security & Privacy

Pieces processes data on-device for air-gapped security and privacy. All AI capabilities can run entirely local or in the cloud, depending on operational constraints.