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These are all of the available event types that are permitted in an object pair notation.


session_initializedstrThe key value pair for an application being opened.[optional]
session_local_connection_succeededstrThere was a successful connection locally[optional]
session_local_connection_failedstrThere was a failed connection locally[optional]
session_inactivestrIf the current application is in the background or not, could also be minimized.[optional]
session_activestrIf the application has been brought to the forground.[optional]
session_terminatedstrIf the user has closed the application, thus ending the session.[optional]
session_authenticated_with_sign_instrA user has signed into this session with a an external account[optional]
session_unauthenticated_with_sign_outstrA user has signed out of this session[optional]
session_unauthenticated_with_dismissstrA user did not sign into the session with a dismissal[optional]
session_unauthenticated_with_remindstrA user did not sign into the session with a reminder[optional]
session_onboarding_initializedstrOnboarding has been initialized for this session[optional]
session_onboarding_completedstrOnboarding has been completed for this session[optional]