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Code Snippet Collections

Collections are a group of generic examples of language-specific code, that can be used as templates to get started in a language. We have created these Collections ourselves and have attached metadata to each snippet so that you can learn about how it works and where it came from.

You can grab a snippet from a Collection, then duplicate it to use it as a template for later.

Collections We Currently Provide

Each of our 6 Collections has slightly different contents and a different number of useful snippets to start with:

Typescript16 Snippets
SQL26 Snippets
Dart16 Snippets
Python18 Snippets
Node.js20 Snippets
JavaScript17 Snippets

Where do I get Collections?

To find Collections, you can go to a few places:

  1. Collections in Pieces Desktop

    To get to Collections, press ⌘ + Shift + C or CTRL + Shift + C and a new dialog will open. You can also press the Add snippets + button on either view, then select the Collection(s) you want. You can add them all at once by pressing the plus button on each language-specific card. Here is an example of one of the cards:

    The Node.js Collection.

  2. Collections on

    Go the URL above, then select the language you want. Selecting Add to Pieces will allow you to add the entire Collection, or you can press explore to select individual snippets from the list.

Managing Downloaded Collections

Once you select a Collection and press save, the only way to remove a Collection is to delete each snippet individually. We plan to upgrade this feature in the future.

If you download multiple Collections, the process may take a little longer.