Pieces Edge Addon

Using the Pieces Edge Addon with the Pieces Desktop App makes saving code easy from anywhere you interact with code on the web.

Where are my Saved Snippets Stored?#

The Pieces Suite must be downloaded and installed separately from the Edge Addon in order for the extension to work properly.

  • When you save code snippets with Pieces, they're stored locally in the Pieces desktop app.
  • When you save a snippet, Pieces also saves metadata such as the origin of the snippet, tags, a title, a description, and more.

To view and reuse your snippets, just open the Pieces desktop app and scroll through the carousel.

What Does the Share Button Do?#

Pieces Edge Addon shows the Share button that generates a sharable link.

When you click the Share button below a code block, Pieces generates a link that's specifically designed to share useful code with its context— it's automatically copied to your clipboard once it's generated.

This means that instead of copying code and pasting it into a message, you can create a Pieces link that shares the code and maintains formatting, syntax highlighting, and relevant tags.

The recipient will also get the title, description, related links, and other context about the snippet.

Troubleshooting the Pieces Buttons#

There are a few reasons why the Pieces buttons may not be appearing:

  1. Pieces OS isn't running.
  • To double-check that Pieces OS is running, make sure that the Pieces logo is present in your toolbar (on MacOS) or your task bar (on Windows). If it isn't there, please launch Pieces OS by clicking on Pieces OS in your Applications folder.
  • If you need to download and install Pieces OS, please visit our homepage.
  1. You've disabled the Pieces buttons for this website.
  • Double-check that you haven't disabled the Pieces buttons for this site by navigating to the Edge Addon settings. If you enable the Pieces buttons, the page will automatically refresh and the buttons should appear.
  1. This website doesn't have detectable code. The code on this site might be embedded in an iframe, or it might be rendered in a way we haven't encountered before! Please send us the site and we'll work on supporting it.

If none of the above fix your issue, please send us an email and we'll get back to you!