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Save Useful Developer Materials

Saving a snippet to the Pieces desktop app

You can save a number of developer materials into Pieces for Developers by dragging, right click, file picker, and even auto-save from your IDE.

Here's our list of Supported Materials:

  • Images (.png, .jpeg, .jpg, .gif)
  • Raw Text or Code
  • Whole Files
    • (If you want to import a directory and use Snippet Discovery, Pieces will discover snippets for you)
  • GitHub Gists, imported through Snippet Discovery

Ways to Add Materials to Pieces

When using Pieces for Developers - whether the Desktop App or one of our plugins (see an example of saving in our Microsoft Teams App) - there are lots of ways to save developer materials. They can be separated into Universal and Specific methods as follows:


  • Right click and select "Save to Pieces" in your context menu. The snippet will be added with metadata to Pieces Desktop
  • Press Paste (⌘/CTRL + V) after clicking anywhere in the application window


Pieces Desktop:

  • Drag & drop a file or image over top of Pieces Desktop to save the contents as a new resource
  • Open the file picker with ⌘/CTRL + U, then select the file that you would like to add
  • Via Snippet Discovery

Jetbrains Plugin:

  • Drag code Directly into Pieces for JetBrains in the sidebar and a resource will be created
  • Use Option + Shift + P or Alt + Shift + P with code selected to save a new resource

Learn more about Saving in the JetBrains Plugin

VS Code Extension:

  • Use ⌘ + Shift + V or Windowskey + Shift + V with code selected to save a new resource

Learn more about saving in the Pieces VS Code extension

Web Extension:

  • Hit the Copy & Save button that appears when you hover any code block
    • Our code block detection in the Pieces Web Extension depends on the HTML style of the codeblocks on the page. We detect <pre> tags and <code> tags to capture code and insert buttons to save and share.
    • Learn more about Sharing and the Share button that appears next to 'Copy & Save'
  • Use ⌘/CTRL + Shift + S to save text or code from a website

Learn more about Saving in the Web Extension