Save Useful Developer Materials

Pieces for Developers was built from the ground up to serve as a centralized place to save all types of materials and resources related to a developer's work-in-progress journey. Code snippets, scratch files, screenshots, UML diagrams, links, and more. Paste something from your clipboard, drag & drop, or save it directly in IDE via our plugins.

Stay in Flow with Effortless Save#

We are making a continuous effort to provide our users with frictionless ways to save key workflow materials. Stay in flow with our Flagship Desktop App and simply copy a code snippet or other resource and paste it into Pieces. You can also drag images, files, and more directly into the desktop app. Save all types of resources. It's better to have a resource and not need it than to need it and not have it!

Boilerplate/Reference Snippets, Common Bash/Powershell Commands, CI/CD Configurations, HTTP Requests, Screenshots, Architecture/UML Diagrams, Text Notes, and so much more.

Images & Screenshots#

To save an image or screenshot, you can either drag the image directly into the Flagship Desktop App window, or you can upload a file by clicking the "Add +" button above the icons in the carousel.

Files & Folders#

Any file type that Pieces for Developers supports can be dragged or copied into the desktop app. Simply drag the file over the Pieces Desktop App and a green plus will appear. Drop the file into the application window; it will be added to the repo immediately.

If your file is too large, you can compress the image via the notification that appears when you release your mouse click.