What is Pieces OS?

Pieces OS operates as a background service that functions both offline and on-device to facilitate communication among individual products within the Pieces for Developers Suite. Its core functions include the management of local, private, and secure machine learning models used for the Pieces Copilot, as well as real-time search and suggestions.

Pieces Ecosystem

Pieces OS enables Pieces products to operate 100% locally on your machine, with an option to connect to the cloud for backup, sharing, and some cloud-only ML models.

Core Features of Pieces OS#

Data Processing#

Pieces OS orchestrates effective data processing workflows, thus maintaining data integrity and providing real-time insights. Its local operation ensures a seamless and efficient data handling process that fosters efficient development.

Machine Learning Models Management#

Pieces OS's capabilities extend to managing the various machine learning models that are either stored locally or in the cloud. It ensures optimal performance and updated models for your applications, which bolsters the efficacy and reliability of Pieces' machine learning aspects.

Secure and Private#

Security and privacy are paramount in Pieces OS's operation. By running locally on your machine, it offers a secure environment for data processing and machine learning model management, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Getting Started with Pieces OS#

Installation Guide#

Whether you are on macOS, Windows, or Linux, find tailored instructions to get Pieces OS up and running on your machine.

Dive Deeper#

Explore the intricacies of Pieces OS through a variety of resources, available in different formats. Whether you are looking to better understand its functionalities or seeking support from the community, the structured tabs below provide a pathway to delve deeper into Pieces OS.


Pieces OS is engineered to harmoniously interact with various development, communication, and productivity tools. Explore the integrations below to learn more about how Pieces OS can enhance your workflow.