Pieces Microsoft Teams App

Welcome, Microsoft Teams Users!#

Let's dive in to the benefits we carefully crafted with you in mind. As a proud Microsoft Partner, we're committed to continuously evolving and enhancing your experience with Pieces for Microsoft Teams.

Step 1: Install the Pieces for Developers Desktop Application & Pieces OS

It’s important to download and install Pieces OS and the Pieces Desktop App. Create an account or sign in with the email you use for Microsoft Teams. This will allow you to connect Pieces and Teams.

Important Note: Remember to create an account or sign in with the email you use for Microsoft Teams and update Pieces OS to version 4.2.3 or higher.

Step 2: Install Pieces for Microsoft Teams

Install the Pieces Microsoft Teams bot for personal use and select from the dropdown to add the bot to specific teams, chats, or meetings. Return here to add the bot to additional teams and chats later!

Once you have downloaded the bot, restart Pieces OS to ensure the connection with Teams.

Add Bot To Chat

Step 3: Log in to the Pieces bot and explore everything you can do in Teams!

Establish the connection between Pieces OS and the Pieces Microsoft Teams App by typing "login" in the chat with the Pieces Bot. This allows the machine learning to do its thing, and establishes the connection to the Pieces Desktop App.

If you run into any problems or if you've closed Pieces OS, you'll need to reopen Pieces OS and sign in to Pieces in Teams again. Just type "logout" and then "login" again in the chat with the Pieces Bot.

Logging in to Pieces in the Microsoft Teams App via chat.

Solve coding problems with your personal Teams AI chat-bot#

Pieces Question#

Introducing Pieces Question ⎯ the ultimate productivity tool for developers in Microsoft Teams. Generate code, troubleshoot, and ask questions seamlessly within the Teams App. No more context switching, nagging colleagues, digging through documentation or endless source code. The Pieces AI Question Assistant leverages the latest in LLM technologies to truly push the envelope of developer efficiency in Teams.

Asking Pieces a question inside of a Microsoft Teams chat.

Save, enrich, extract, and more, right from your chats!#

@Pieces Save & Save to Pieces#

There are two ways to save a code snippet to Pieces:

  1. Find a code snippet or any message that contains a code snippet you want to save. Click on the "more actions" button (⋯) next to the message and select "Save to Pieces".

    Using 'save to Pieces' to save code in Microsoft Teams.

  2. You can also use the simple message command, "@Pieces Save". This saves the last message in your chat or channel to Pieces. To use this, make sure Pieces is added to the chat or channel.

@Pieces Enrich#

This command will select the previous message (assuming it’s a code snippet) and enrich it with AI-powered metadata, like related links, related people, titles, language classifications, and more! It’s a simple way to learn more about your code without leaving Teams.

@Pieces Extract#

If you’ve just sent an image that contains code, this command is for you. It will select the previous message, extract code from the image with our code-specific OCR, and enrich the extracted code with the same AI-powered metadata as above. While this command only works with image files, it’s still an incredibly powerful function in Teams.

@Pieces Discover#

Have you tried Snippet Discovery in the Pieces Desktop App? Try this message command to experience that magic in Teams. Pieces will comb through your desired chat or team, identify messages with code, and save them to the Pieces Desktop App.

Using discovery inside of Microsoft Teams with the Pieces Bot.

@Pieces Unfurl#

This command will unfurl a Pieces sharable link and display the code within a chat or channel with a convenient save button that will capture additional Microsoft Teams context. When the snippet is unfurled, all of the context— including related links, related people, a smart description, and more— will be displayed in the chat.

Unfurling code inside of a Microsoft Teams chat with the Pieces Bot.

@Pieces Help & @Pieces Hi#

Need a little help with Pieces for Microsoft Teams? Both the ‘Help” & ‘Hi” commands will provide you with useful notes, links, and a list of all the available tips and commands to help resolve any issues.

Note: All message commands skip messages that include @Pieces commands and messages from the Pieces bot. This enables you to retry a message command if a failure occurs.

Using 'help' to see how to use Pieces in Microsoft Teams.

Where are my saved snippets stored?#

The Pieces Suite must be downloaded and installed separately from the Microsoft Teams App in order for the extension to work properly.

When you save code snippets with Pieces, they are stored locally in the Pieces desktop app. When you save a snippet, Pieces also saves metadata such as the origin of the snippet, tags, a title, a description, and more.

To view and reuse your snippets, just open the Pieces Desktop App!