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Power Menu

The Power Menu is full of useful actions that you might want to take in the Desktop Application. Since it is accessible simply through keyboard shortcuts, you can access just about anything you want without taking your hands off of the keyboard.

Keyboard Shortcuts

To open the Power Menu on your computer, you can use either of the following keyboard shortcuts based on your operating system:

For macOS:

  • Press ⌘ + ↵ (Command + Enter)
  • Or, press ⌘ + ⇧ + P (Command + Shift + P)

For Linux or Windows:

  • Press Ctrl + ↵ (Control + Enter)
  • Or, press Ctrl + ⇧ + P (Control + Shift + P)

Relevant to what you are using

The Power Menu will display actions that are highly relevant to what view you are currently on. So if you trigger the power menu while using the Copilot, you will see Copilot based actions at the top of the list, and the same is true for the Saved Materials view and all the other views in the app.

Quickly Access Resources

There is a comprehensive list of many resources contained within the Power Menu. From the Power Menu you can easily access things like support, documentation, plugin marketplaces, and more.

Common Actions Surfaced Higher

With the addition of the Power Menu, we also added the 'Actions Engine' into the Desktop Application. The actions engine is able to know what kind of actions you typically take and where in the Desktop App you might take them, allowing for super quick and simple access to common things you do with Pieces.