Pick up where you left off with Workflow Activity Stream

Picking up where you left off and getting back into flow is one of the largest productivity bottlenecks in a developer's workflow. So, our team has been hard at work making it easier than ever to backtrack through your work-in-progress journey.

Our Workflow Activity Stream and Process Backtracking enable you to quickly find and access useful context metadata that's been associated with your saved materials.

Workflow Details#

Workflow details and points of reference such as related links, shared snippets, relevant tags, collaborators, and more are all available as a scrollable timeline right within our Flagship Desktop App.

Workflow Activity Search & Filters#

In the Workflow Activity view, you can search to quickly find a specific event in your workflow even more quickly. You can search for events related to creation, reference and more by tying in context details to narrow down the search.

When navigating and utilizing powerful snippets, Workflow Activity can get filled up fast! Use Search Filters to narrow down your search to a specific type.


  • These events are oriented around any aspect of creating a snippet from any location, such as saving a snippet from the Pieces Chrome Extension, or saving from one of your favorite IDEs like JetBrains or VS Code.


  • Each updated event comes from adding to or removing content in the snippet itself, or from any changes to the metadata in the Information View.


  • Deleted events pertain to removing an entire snippet/asset from Pieces for Developers - from any location.


  • Reference events take place in the background and are attributed to a snippet when you view it for some time.

As your view time on snippets goes up, the algorithm will balance itself out to lower unwanted or unnecessary events.