Search Types & Default Search Modes

There are a number of search modes that are supported by Pieces for Developers to assist you in finding the snippet or asset that you are looking for.

When in List View or Gallery View you can search to find any snippet based on two things:

  1. The Search Query that has been typed into the search input box.
  2. The Search Mode that has been set.

All Search Modes#

We currently provide 4 unique search modes that all create different search experiences:

You can modify the search mode that you have set at any time by selecting the dropdown next to the magnifying glass search icon to the left of the Search input.


Blended takes advantage of all aspects of your code snippets, and is the default setting for Pieces Desktop. When this is set, you can use search in a traditional way, as you would with other search engines.

Full Text Search (FTS)#

Full Text Search uses your text to directly match with text in a saved snippet. This matches specific characters, but not semantic meaning. For example:

batchcd batchfile.mdYes
batchcd copyfiles.batNo

Neural Code Search (NCS)#

Neural Code Search takes advantage of semantic description and allows you use meaning to find the code you need. Take the above example and notice how the results are different:

batchcd batchfile.mdNo
batchcd copyfiles.batYes

When using NCS, you searched for a snippet that cds into a batchfile.

Search With Snippet#

Using Search with Snippet allows you to search for other related snippets by pasting a code snippet into search. Your search results will be related code snippets that you've saved to Pieces.

You can also use Search with Snippet inside the Global Search view - read more about how it works here.