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How Our Search and Sort Features Work

Adjust Settings for Optimal Search Results

Pieces for Developers offers three ways to search within the Desktop App in order to quickly find what you need.

Search via multiple query matches, including code, tags, descriptions, and links. This method can be particularly useful for users who need to search for specific information across a variety of sources.

Search for text values within code, documents, and other text-based sources. This method is particularly useful for users who are looking for specific words or phrases.

Search by describing what you're looking for using natural language. This method can be particularly useful for users who are not familiar with the specific terminology used in code or who are looking for a more intuitive way to search for information.

Sorting your Snippets

The demands on developers are increasing every day. As a result, a developer's time is becoming ever more precious and anything that boosts productivity is no longer a nice-to-have, but a need-to-have.

With that, our team has invested serious resources into enabling Pieces for Developers to proactively suggest the most relevant materials at the right time.

Sort by Recent Snippets

When you choose to sort your snippets via Recent, the newest snippets you saved will be at the top of your snippet list or the front of your gallery. This is excellent when you want to use the snippet you just saved, but can make it more challenging to locate a snippet that you saved a few months ago.

Sort by Scope-Relevant Suggestions

Sorting via Suggested Snippets brings your most useful snippets to the front of your gallery or top of your list. Pieces will identify the best snippets for you and automatically sort them when you choose this sorting option.

Sort by Language

To group your snippets by their auto-detected language, pick this sorting option. It makes it easy to locate specific snippets and can be useful when you jump between multiple languages.

Sort Alphabetically

If alphabetical sort makes the most sense to you, give this a try. Your snippets will be arranged alphabetically according to each snippet's title and update each time you rename a snippet.