In 2022, our team set out on a journey to build the most advanced code snippet management and workflow context platform yet.

The debut release of our Flagship Desktop App aimed to take developer productivity to the next level by incorporating key capabilities and our users' favorite features directly into their IDE.

Effortlessly save, enrich, search, share, reference, and reuse code snippets, workflow context, and other useful developer resources.

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From students and indie developers, to startups and open source teams, to enterprise organizations and beyond, Pieces for Developers is purpose-built as a cohesive layer and a "tool between tools" that boosts productivity in three major workflow processes: researching and problem-solving in the browser, working with colleagues in collaborative environments, and lastly, writing, reviewing, referencing, and reusing code in the IDE.

We are a venture-backed company supported by some of the world's best investors. Our products & company are secure and continuing to grow.

Our Flagship Desktop App provides users a first-in-kind feature set that ambitiously augments your development workflows.