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Code Completion

Our intelligent Code Completion feature is designed to provide an efficient and seamless coding experience by auto-completing code snippets from saved materials in your personal Pieces micro-repository.

This feature is particularly useful when writing previously saved boilerplate code, unit tests, or marketing scripts such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel Tags in your IDE with our VS Code and IntelliJ plugins. By leveraging our on-device Pattern Engine, the Code Completion feature offers a complementary approach to existing Language Server Protocol (LSP) implementations and LLM offerings, such as GitHub Co-Pilot and Tabnine.

Code Completion feature in action with our VS Code extension

Key Features

Integration with saved code snippets

Our Code Completion feature is specifically designed to auto-complete from your saved code snippets. This allows for a more personalized and context-aware auto-completion experience, as it suggests code that you've previously saved and used in similar scenarios.

Complementary approach

Code Completion is designed to work alongside existing LSP implementations and LLM offerings, providing a focused and complementary auto-completion experience. This ensures that you receive relevant suggestions from your saved code snippets when it makes the most sense.

Getting Started

To get started with the Code Completion feature, follow these simple steps:

  1. Save your code snippets: Add your frequently used code snippets, boilerplates, and marketing scripts to your personal collection on the Pieces for Developers Desktop App.
  2. Download the IDE plugin: Download our JetBrains IntelliJ plugin or VS Code extension to leverage the power of Pieces in your IDE.
  3. Use the feature: Start typing in your preferred code editor, and the Code Completion feature will automatically suggest relevant saved code snippets as you type.