Managing Saved Materials

Once you save a material you can edit, rename, reclassify and modify metadata to adjust it over time.

Editing saved Code Snippets and Text Notes#

As we progress deeper into our projects, frameworks and dependencies often change, which means we might need to adjust a saved snippet to comply with breaking changes or conform to new standards. Click on the pencil in the upper-right corner of the Pieces Desktop App to quickly and easily edit a saved snippet so your code can stay relevant and up-to-date.

Renaming Saved Materials#

We're on a mission to make it as frictionless as possible for our users to save snippets without disrupting their flow. The AI in Pieces for Developers will attempt to add a relevant name for your snippets automatically, so you don't have to. Don't worry, you can rename your snippets anytime to a convention that works best for you. All you need to do is right-click a snippet in the List View and select "Rename".

Reclassifying a Code Snippet's Language Association#

When you save a material to Pieces for Developers, our AI works hard to understand what you saved so that we can successfully add as much helpful metadata - tags, related links & websites, related people, etc. - as possible.

One of our fundamental capabilities is Instant Language Detection, which automatically detects the language of your snippet and supports over 40 programming languages, including Typescript, Javascript, Python, Dart, C++, C#, and many more. Unfortunately, we don't always get it right, so we made it as easy as possible to reclassify a snippet to the proper language. Simply right-click a snippet in the List View and select "Reclassify".

Deleting a Saved Material#

Since we made it so simple to save snippets from the browser, your IDE, or with our Flagship Desktop App, users are saving hundreds of snippets throughout their time researching, coding, and collaborating. For some, this can get a little chaotic. If you find yourself looking to do a little spring cleaning, you can delete snippets by hitting your delete key.