Transforming Snippets

Snippets are sometimes very close to the format you need, or they would be better utilized as boilerplate for different applications. With transformations, you can save even more time while coding. Transformations can convert languages, improve code readability and performance, and create boilerplate templates.

Our Transformations are currently in Beta - please share any feedback so that we can continue to make them more useful!


With our new feature, you can transform a code snippet into a boilerplate template in seconds, complete with any notes as code comments! This makes it extremely easy to make your code even more reusable.

Improve Readability#

Learning a new programming language? With just two clicks, you can edit your code snippets to be more human-readable. This makes it much easier to understand how a code snippet works, and is useful for developers of all experience levels.

Improve Performance#

Pieces can now re-write a code snippet in its current language to be more performant. This means better code in less time! It's a huge time-saver for you.

Convert Language#

Now you can convert any code snippet to a new language supported by Pieces, without any manual rewriting! This feature is incredibly useful if you work on multiple projects that use different programming languages, or if you find a solution to a problem in a language that's different from what you're looking for.

After converting a code snippet, you can save it as an update to your existing snippet, or discard the changes.