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Under the Hood with Pieces: Deep Dive into the Security & Privacy of Live Context in Pieces Copilot+

Live Stream Event - Tuesday, June 18, 12:00pm EST

Live Context Security & Privacy AMA

πŸš€ Event Overview​

Just two days after the announcement of our Live Context feature in Pieces Copilot+, Microsoft announced their Copilot+ PC with β€œphotographic memory” which β€œhelps you remember things you may have forgotten”.

This launch unexpectedly brought many questions about the security and privacy of AI engines at the operating-system level, with many developers and organizations concerned about their sensitive data.

In this AMA (Ask Me Anything) live stream event, we’ll be uncovering the tech behind our Live Context feature powered by the Workstream Pattern Engine (WPE) to showcase our commitment to air-gapped developer experiences, and discuss the benefits of an offline-first approach to using AI to remember the right things, not everything.

It was far from easy to develop this feature without relying on traditional cloud-based recording methods that can lead to security vulnerabilities, but ultimately we were able to create the WPE technology which works across all major operating systems, operates on-device and in real-time for extremely robust security and privacy, avoids network latency, liability of data, and expensive cloud costs, and enables developers to 10x their productivity.

Learn more about our development journey and what this means for your workflow by registering for the live stream!

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πŸ›  What You'll Learn​

  • Security & Privacy First: Discover how Live Context operates entirely on-device, ensuring your workflow data never leaves your computer.
  • Workstream Pattern Engine: Understand the technology that shadows your workflow, capturing context locally across macOS, Windows, and Linux.
  • Behind the Scenes: Get insights into the algorithms and models that power Live Context, including intelligent visual snapshots, OCR models, and the summarization & redaction step.
  • Local LLM Execution: Learn how we leverage on-device LLM runtimes to keep your data private, with no need for cloud-based processing.

πŸ’‘ Why Attend?​

  • Interactive Q&A: Our founder and key engineers will be on hand to answer your questions live.
  • In-Depth Technical Breakdown: Gain a deeper understanding of how Live Context seamlessly integrates into your development workflow while maintaining top-tier security.
  • Community Engagement: Share your thoughts, feedback, and ideas to help us refine this feature for all developers.

❓ How to Participate​

Ready to dive in? Here’s how you can join the conversation:

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